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Spread the Word, Make Oklahoma Stronger by Degrees!

Share Your Reach Higher Story

One of the State Regents’ most important goals is to increase degree completion in our state, which improves Oklahomans’ futures. One of the many programs designed to accomplish this goal is Reach Higher, Oklahoma’s degree completion program that targets adult students who started, but have not finished a college degree.  We’re asking for your help to spread the word! 

The Reach Higher program is calling out to all students, graduates, and alumni from colleges and universities in Oklahoma to share their story of perseverance and overcoming barriers to complete a degree.

We’re seeking 1-minute videos from students who are either in the process of earning a degree or have earned a degree, and we want to hear from you!

As a college student, how did you overcome barriers?
What advice would you give to others facing those same barriers?
How did earning your degree affect your life, career, or family and change your future?

By sharing your story, you may inspire and encourage other students to reach higher and complete their college education, and make Oklahoma stronger by degrees! The first 500 submissions will receive a Reach Higher hand sanitizer and a device connector.

Please see below for submission guidelines.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story!

Video Submission Guidelines

Videos can be shot with a camera, camcorder, or phone. All video submissions must be under 60 seconds long. Please keep these rules and general guidelines in mind when recording.

You must have attended or are currently attending college in Oklahoma.
Submit a video of yourself to participate.
Include the tagline at the end of your video by saying: “I am a college student/graduate and I make Oklahoma stronger by degrees.”
Please don’t include any music, logos or brands, or anything offensive, indecent or in bad taste in the surroundings or on clothing in the video.
No messages of hate, no use of profanity.
Be aware of your surroundings! Choose a place with an uncluttered background that is brightly lit.

Questions about submitting videos? Please email