Program Requirements

Reach Higher: DirectComplete is a statewide degree completion program that includes degree programs connected with workforce development needs that align with Oklahoma’s Critical Occupations list.

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education will bring partners together to identify and leverage every available financial resource to ensure that adults who meet the following criteria can finish their degrees with minimal cost to themselves.

  • Commit 

    Commit to finishing your degree in a specific timeline.

  • Connect

    Connect to financial resources, services and a dedicated program coordinator on your campus.

  • Complete 

    Complete an associate or bachelor’s degree that is matched with one of Oklahoma's 100 critical occupations.

Admission Requirements

Students must:

  • Be aged 25-49.

  • Have an annual income of below $75,000.

  • Have completed at least 75% of coursework (45 credit hours) toward an associate degree OR 50% of coursework (60 credit hours) toward a baccalaureate degree.

  • Have a 2.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) in all previous college coursework with all remedial work completed.

  • Sign a commitment form to pursue a degree connected with an occupation on Oklahoma’s 100 Critical Occupations list.

  • Complete the FAFSA.

  • Enroll in a minimum of six credit hours each semester in courses that meet degree requirements and complete the degree within two to three years.

Eligibility Periods

The associate degree eligibility period for students is two years (up to six semesters – fall, spring, summer).

The bachelor's degree eligibility period for students is three years (up to 10 semesters – fall, spring, summer).

Qualifying Degree Programs

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