Faculty and staff are encouraged to develop micro-credentials and digital badges.

The State Regents are committed to providing institutions with the tools necessary to create opportunities for learning. That is why we have partnered with Credly to provide you with a digital version of your credentials. Digital badges can be used by your stakeholders in email signatures or digital resumes and on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This digital image contains verified metadata that describes the qualifications and the process required to earn them.

What are Micro-credentials and Digital Badges?

Micro-credentials are short-term, postsecondary credentials comprised of a coherent set of measurable non-credit bearing activities or projects and/or up to 9 hours of credit bearing courses that provide specific career critical skills, competencies and knowledge that can be readily transferred to the workplace.

Digital badges are a web-based artifact that contains metadata that documents students’ completion of a credential, such as a micro-credential, certificate or degree, and can be shared and verified electronically.

How do I create a Micro-credential and/or Digital Badge?

State Regents’ Endorsed Micro-credential and Digital Badges

Institutions have the ability to create and issue micro-credentials to students, faculty, and staff for the completion of a specific set of activities, professional development and/or courses.  Micro-credentials can also be developed in collaboration with local employers to meet specific workforce needs or to develop students’ skills in Innovation and Leadership, Global Competency, or Career Preparation. Examples of micro-credentials could include:

  • Student research, transformative, and experiential learning activities
  • Skills-focused professional development from such providers as Coursera
  • Industry-academic partnership programs

Micro-credentials that meet the State Regents’ policy definition may be submitted to the State Regents for approval and inclusion on a statewide searchable electronic inventory. Institutions wanting to include a micro-credential on the statewide inventory must submit a Request Form for New Micro-Credential Programs and Digital Badges. Once received, State Regents’ staff will review the request to ensure compliance with policy and submit a recommendation to the Chancellor. Approved Micro-credentials will be listed on the searchable database.

Institutions may also request a micro-credential, certificate, or degree program to be associated with a digital badge. Requests for digital badges that meet all the required criteria/metadata will be  housed on the statewide digital badge platform. Students earning digital badges will have access to their portfolio through Credly Acclaim.

Micro-credentials and Digital Badges Not Endorsed by State Regents

Institutions also have the option of creating micro-credentials and digital badges that are not endorsed by the State Regents but can request to list them in the statewide electronic inventory.  Micro-credentials and digital badges listed in the statewide inventory will be delineated and searchable by “Endorsed by State Regents” and “Not Endorsed by State Regents.” To request a non-endorsed micro-credential and/or digital badge to be included in the statewide electronic inventory, submit a Request Form for New Micro-Credential Programs and Digital Badges.