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Institutions within the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education may now offer micro-credentials as a unique professional development opportunity for employees in your business. Micro-credentials are designed to help employees demonstrate current skills and competencies to meet ever-emerging demands in the workplace.

Micro-credentials count as training and experience, offering your employees the opportunity to grow and learn through one of Oklahoma’s quality institutions, while addressing the needs of your organization.

Professional development, training and experience for employees.

Micro-credentials can help you expedite the learning process for current and potential employees by partnering with the programs, faculty and resources that already exist at our institutions, but in a new, rapid and innovative capacity.

As your needs continue to evolve, you can work with our institutions to develop stackable opportunities for continuous development, resulting in valued industry credentials, certifications and 21st century skills necessary for all professionals. How might micro-credentials impact your personnel goals?

Are you hiring? Work with us to help you find talent with proven expertise.

Are you retaining? Work with us to advance the skills of your current employees.

Either way, you have a partner in Oklahoma higher education!

Get involved!

Employers and businesses can get involved with micro-credentials in many ways:

Become an internship or apprenticeship site

Work with us to build micro-credentials that meet your hiring needs

Suggest skills-based badges and micro-credentials we can create

Let us know the industry-recognized credentials you value most

Learn more about the competencies validated by a micro-credential

Endorse a micro-credential and commit to interviewing

Share your knowledge and expertise!

Benefits for Employers

Reduce your hiring costs by quickly identifying talent

Verify the skillsets of potential employees, at a glance

Tap into a skilled hiring pool

Aid in talent retention through upskilling and reskilling your employees

Issued by a trusted higher education institution and assurance of quality

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and Oklahoma institutions offer granular, skill-based micro-credentials via digital badges.

Badges are earned by completing multiple levels of activities. Learn about the levels and framework below, or explore a sample badge.

Level 1


Individually measured, unstructured learning

Other Activities

Level 2


Individually measured,
structured learning

Self-paced courses
Technical competency
Soft-skills training

Level 3


Measured and
validated learning

Learning activities
Summative assessments
Portfolio or project artifacts

Level 4


Industry recognized,
validated achievement

Industry-endorsed certifications
Professional licensure
Terminal credential

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